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Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department currently has an ISO rating of 5. We are dedicated to serving and protecting the community of Cedar Valley, from the Salt Lake County border to the north, west to the Tooele County line, and past Fairfield to the south, sharing our east border with Eagle Mountain. We cover the second largest response area in Utah County, encompassing 214 square miles. Staying connected to area residents is an important part of what we do. That’s why we strive to maintain a website that serves as a helpful information hub, with fundraiser notifications, training opportunities, and news regarding our community involvement.

Join Us: Please keep an eye for the open application period. You are also welcome to fill out our application form so we have your information on file: Click here...

Burn Permits: Permits may be issued between March 30 and May 30. We have the details on how you can get your permit and what to do on day of your burn. Get a permit here...

Wildland Fire Program Participation Commitment between Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and Town of Cedar Fort

Cedar Fort has entered into an agreement with FFSL to provide wildland fire protection at no charge to the Town on condition that we meet our assessment of $6,793 each year. This is a valuable opportunity for us to have the wildfire fire protection we need and to have that protection at no charge to the citizens or town. It is not a monetary payment assessment.

This assessment can be satisfied by various means including the following 3 main areas:
  • Wildfire Prevention
  • Wildfire Mitigation (50% min)
  • Wildfire Preparedness (25% max)
See the Participation Commitment Actions and Meeting your PC Example below.
Citizens can help with wildfire mitigation doing such things as removal of fuel (wood, trees, shrubs, etc.) and other actions as shown. All participation (man-power and equipment) counts toward meeting the commitment.

Anyone that has completed a project needs to report that activity to the State website to credit the Town, thus helping us to achieve our assessment. The link below is used to track our commitment.

Any questions on the program can be directed to: Wyatt Cook, Councilman (Town Council Liaison for CF Fire Department) 801-310-4495 or

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    The Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for such difficult areas as Five Mile pass; which is a large area encompassing 46,000 acres of BLM land that is designated for off-road and open-use. This area sits on the border of Utah and Tooele County, adjacent to SR 73 and is approximately 10 miles away from the staging area of the Cedar Fort Fire Department.