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Chief 230

Chief Steve Bowen

Assistant Chief 232 - EMS Director

Assistant Chief Matthew Chase

Admin Captain

Admin LT.

Station CaptainAdmin Personnel

T. Bowen

A Platoon Captain

J. Staker

A Platoon Lieutenant

G. Arnold

A Platoon Sr. Firefighter

B. Santy

A Platoon Firefighter/emt's

Brenton Sieverts
Zach Rudebec,
Anthony London
Daniel Davis
Brian Richardson
Andrew Sommer
Kevin Harmon
Dakota May

B Platoon Captain

N. Stefanich

B Platoon Lieutenant

A. Delgado

B Platoon Sr. Firefighter

J. Hardy

B - Platoon Firefighter/emt's

Taylor Ward
Cody McGuire
Patrick Chase
Devin Anderson
Isaac Pantone
Bryce Baldwin
    The Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for such difficult areas as Five Mile pass; which is a large area encompassing 46,000 acres of BLM land that is designated for off-road and open-use. This area sits on the border of Utah and Tooele County, adjacent to SR 73 and is approximately 10 miles away from the staging area of the Cedar Fort Fire Department.