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Vision, Mission and Values Statement


We are dedicated to being the best community-focused Volunteer Fire Department working as a team to ensure a safe and secure environment for all those entrusted to our care.


We are committed to providing emergency and non-emergency services to protect the lives, property, and environment of our community.


Professional Excellence
We believe the pursuit of excellence and demonstrating high professional standards are critical to our work. To ensure the best possible service for our community, we support continuous training and encourage professional development.

Health and Safety
We believe our health and safety are essential to fulfilling the Fire Department's mission. We are committed to providing the best health and safety programs for our members' well-being and operational readiness.

We know Cedar Fort is a diverse community, and we commit to meeting its ever-changing needs. We are dedicated to reflecting and respecting that diversity throughout our organization. We will respect the diversity of our community by providing compassionate and quality service to all.

Teamwork and Shared Leadership
We know well-functioning teams of people are more effective than individuals working separately; our lives depend on it. We believe individuals have the capacity to lead, and our organization values leadership at all levels. Teamwork and shared leadership are integral to our organization, and we will seek out and value the opinions of our members.

Effective Communication
We believe communication is essential to the cohesiveness and performance of our organization. We are committed to providing effective and responsive means of communication throughout the organization and the community.

We understand the trust placed in us by the public and our colleagues is integral to the performance of our duties. We are committed to honest and ethical behavior, and we will hold ourselves accountable to these values.

Community Service and Involvement
We believe we have a duty to be involved in the communities where we work. Our responsibility is to protect life, property, and the environment. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibility and to deepening our involvement in the community we serve.

We recognize and understand that the constancy of change in our community and industry impacts our business daily. We are committed to seeking out and implementing innovative and progressive thinking to address change effectively to benefit those we serve.
    The Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for such difficult areas as Five Mile pass; which is a large area encompassing 46,000 acres of BLM land that is designated for off-road and open-use. This area sits on the border of Utah and Tooele County, adjacent to SR 73 and is approximately 10 miles away from the staging area of the Cedar Fort Fire Department.